Worldwide Philatelic Observatory

The  Worldwide Philatelic Observatory was created by Mrs Maria Zofia Libera.

World Phil Obs -English – 1

World Phil Obs -Carte FR – 1

Here is the story of Maria Zofia Libera.

The following articles are reproduced with the permission of                                               the Italian editor of Arte di Francobollo.

Arte del Francobollo 34 Maria Libera – marzo 2014

English translation- Article in Arte del Francobollo of March 2014

Here are some articles and presentations from Maria Zofia Libera of the PhilObs.

Pretoria Philately Workshop – Oct 6-7, 2014

Rhodesia Study Circle Re Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe

The following articles are reproduced with the permission of                                                the Italian editor of Arte di Francobollo.

Maria-Arte di Francobollo -Aprile 2016

Illegals – April 2016 -Article du Arte di Francobollo

EUROPA Illegal Stamps – Essen, 11 May 2016

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