House of Stamps forgeries

Peter Winter reproduced rare stamps from many countries during the 1980’s.

He worked under the following company names ; ProPhil Forum and House of Stamps.

The rare stamps and covers were marketed as reproductions (similitudes) but, today we often find them as genuine copies in many collections and on various sites such as Delcampe and Ebay.

Today, some of his forgeries are even reproduced using digital technology (such as laser printing) and sold as genuine forgeries produced by him !

Reproduction of a forgery
Reproduction of a forgery made by Peter Winter sold on EBay

Here is a pdf copy of his catalog (Edition 85 and 88) to help you identifiy some of the stamps and covers that were forgered. More information on this forger will be posted later on.

House of Stamps catalog – Editions 85 and 88