The Bryan Dunne – Spiro collection

This collection shows more than 100 full sheets produced by the Spiro Brothers of Hamburg. A short biography of these famous lithographers is also presented. Notice all the different cancels used by Spiro, they are often quite useful to ifentify the forgers.

As these are huge files because of the high quality fo pictures shown, we will divide the collection in three different sections for ease of downloading.

This presentation is now complete. If you have nice pictures of items not shown here please contact us to share with other philatelists.

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22 sheets: Buenos Aires (5), Brazil (17).

The Bryan Dunne – Buenos Aires & Brazil (Part 1)


40 sheets: Bahamas (4), Cape of Good Hope (2) Cuba (5), Dominican republic (2), Egypt (2), Fiji (1), France (1), Gold Coast (3), Hong Kong (1), Mauritus (3), Mexico (10), Modena (6).

The Bryan Dunne – Spiro Full Sheets – PART 2


44 sheets: New Brunswick (1), Nova Scotia (1), Parma (2), Peru (8), Sierra Leone (7),  Spain (3), Switzerland (4), Turkey (7), Virgin Island (3), Western Australia (8).

The Bryan Dunne – Spiro Full Sheets – Part 3

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