FIP Fight Against Fakes and Forgeries Commission – Minutes of Jakarta, June 22, 2012

Participants at Jakarta meeting
Participants at Jakarta meeting

Minutes of Fight Against Forgeries Commission Jakarta, June 22, 2012

1. Welcome of delegates and observers (Peter McCann – responsible for FIP
for the Commission Against Forgeries).

2. The Organizing Committee of INDONESIA 2012 had prepared a presence sheet that was signed by all participants and observers entering the meeting room. The meeting was held at the Exhibition site and started at 14:00.

3. There were 34 participants present at the meeting representing 32 countries: Richard Gratton made the Roll Call.

-1. Australia (Geoff KELLOW)
– 2. Austria (Klaus SCHOPFER)
– 3. Argentina (Eliseo Duben OTERO)
– 4. Brazil (Luis Claudio FRITZEN)
– 5. Canada (Richard GRATTON)
– 6. China (G. S. LIU)
– 7. Costa Rica (Luis Fernando DIAZ)
– 8. Croatia (Julije MARAS)
– 9. Denmark (Lars Peter SVENDSEN)
– 10. Egypt (Sheril El KERIDANI)
– 11. France (Michel LETAILLEUR)
– 12. Great Britain (Chris KING)
– 13. Hong Kong (Andrew CHEUNG)
– 14. Israel (Les GLASSMAN)
– 15. New Zealand (J.M. BANFIELD)
– 16. Norway (Arne THUNE-LARSEN)
– 17. Pakistan (Abdul WAHID)
– 18. Paraguay (Dila EATON)
– 19. Peru (Aldo SOMANE)
– 20. Russia (Igor RODIN)
– 21. Saudi Arabia (Y.DEHLAVI)
– 22. Serbia (Nikola LJUBICIC)
– 23. Singapore (Sa Bee LIM)
– 24. South Africa (Howard GREEN)
– 25. Switzerland (Kurt KIMMEL)
– 26. United States of America (Wade SAADI)
– 27. Uruguay (Carlos PAEZ)
– 28. Venezuela (Pedro MERI)

We also accepted the four following proxies coming from Norway, Germany, Spain and Mexico:

– Ivar Sundsbo (NORWAY) given to Arne Thune-Larsen (present as a delegate)
– Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (Germany) given to Klaus Schöpfer (Austria) (present)
– Teodorsio Arrendondo (Spain) given to Luis Fernando Diaz (Costa Rica) (present)
– Victor SIENRA (Mexican Federation) given to Eliseo Ruben Otero (Argentina) (present)

Therefore, Schöpfer, Diaz and Otero received two voting ballots each.

Non voting participants (6):
– FIP (Peter McCann)
– Observers (5) from Australia, Great Britain, Uruguay (2) and Pakistan (Arif BALGAMVALA).

4. Elections.
Peter McCann and Richard Gratton accepted the 4 different proxies.
Peter McCann explained that there were only one candidate for President of the Commission (Jean-François Brun candidacy was withdrawn by France), only one candidate for the Secretary of the Commission and only one candidate for the Asian Bureau member (FIAP).

Klaus Schöpfer (President), Richard Gratton (Secretary), and Lim Sa Bee (Asian Bureau member) were thus elected by acclamation.

Ballots were prepared by Richard Gratton before the meeting.
They were then given to all participants and proxy holders for the election of the two bureau members.

A total of 26 ballots were given and received.
(NOTE: Some participants did not vote as they arrived after the elections).

Election results:

FEPA – EUROPEAN Bureau member
– Eduardo Escalada Goicoechea (SPAIN): 24
– Lars Boettger (GERMANY): 2

FIAF – AMERICAN Bureau member
– Luis Fernando Diaz (Costa Rica): 18
– Dieter Bortfeldt (COLUMBIA): 8

Eduardo Escalada Goicoechea and Luis Fernado Diaz were officially declared elected.

5. The assembly agreed unanimously to work the proposed agenda.

6. There is no documentation from previous meetings to be presented and no minutes to be approved by the Assembly. Richard Gratton will contact previous members of the Commission to find documentation.

7. Role & Objectives of the Fight Against Forgeries Commission.
The general comments & discussions were received from participants:
– Protect collectors from being cheated by certain dealers and collectors
– Protect philatelists from losing money and buying worthless stamps.
– Work closely with FIP Expert teams
– Explain clearly what the Expert Teams need: certificates on back of sheet…
– Need for standardized certificates (picture, signed stamps, attestations)

8. Elaboration of future program and activities

A) Potential future seminars – The following topics were discussed:

A1) How does and Expert Team work?
– Sa Bee Lim & Richard Gratton to develop a Power Point presentation.

A2) Develop seminars on Philatelic Research
– Chris King from the RPSL will propose something in the coming months.

A3) Identifying the bad, spurious and fake postal administrations that issue stamps and what is not acceptable in exhibits.
– Dila Eaton will develop a program with the help of Paolo Comelli’s files.

B) Develop better contacts with all Federation members.

B1) Richard Gratton is to contact Madame Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, Secretary General of FIP to get a list of all member countries that have delegates to this Commission.

C) Develop an Internet site

C1) Richard Gratton to contact FIP to see what can be done.

We are proposing to include on the site the following items.

– List of all member Federations that have delegates to the commission
– List of delegates for future meetings
– Agenda and minutes of previous meetings
– Seminars and presentations
– Future activities of the commission
– Links to all member Federations and Associations
– Links of interest for forgery collectors and Experts
– Potential for publicity in order to finance site? (To be discussed)

Members are also invited to write to us and add any suggestions they might have.

9. Group photo

A group photo was taken and will be added to our site when available

10. Conclusion and close of meeting.

President Klaus Schöpfer closed the meeting and thanked all participants.

Meeting was adjourned at 16:00.

Richard Gratton
(June 22, 2012)